Well, it’s been a long two weeks. The last post was basically empty, a mere shell explaining that distractions kept me from writing.

This week, well… it’s been busy. I’d better get started.

So just what was going on last time? This was part of it:

That’s an arborist way up in what they think was a Jeffrey pine, in the rain. Anne thinks it had not been all that healthy, and this is not where those trees normally live. In any case it is now gone. The needles were a huge mess, sometimes plugging the downspouts on our roof.

This is a very short post because…


That’s right, we’re having extensive tree work done and the chipper is right outside my office window. There’s no place to hide from the noise, and I can’t work effectively while it’s running. Can’t even think, really.

I didn’t know they were coming until yesterday. There was a missed communication somewhere. We signed the bid a couple of weeks ago, and I thought we had another week or two to wait, but here they are.

And yes, they are working in the rain. Welcome to North Vancouver. Not pictured is the climber way…

Hey there.

As the title says, it was one of those weeks. I was busy all the time and there is little to share. We all experience times like these, but I feel as if a short post is a way of letting you down. Sorry!

Still, two things made the cut.

First, I returned everything to the bookshelves and finished up the outlet installation in the master bedroom / headboard. It’s been a week since the paint was applied, and while it might still be slightly tacky I needed to move on.

Since that photo was taken, Anne has…

Technically winter is over but temperatures here are still close to freezing at night, so it’s a bit hard to tell. Daytime highs are up on average, though, and heating bills are dropping. That’s good. Also, some plants are blooming which is always nice.

Crocus blooms in our front yard.

It’s been a busy week but once again I don’t have much to show for it. I’ll do my best to entertain, though, as always.

Since last time I finished up the remaining tasks needed to make me an official employee of Langara College. Well, except for the new employee orientation meeting which will happen soon.

Hello once again everyone, and welcome to another episode of Jeff rambles on about whatever he’s done in the last week. There are several things to cover this time around, so without further delay…


First, the headboard project, where quite a bit has happened. Last week I had pieced the final decorative parts together and hanging it was the next task. Here’s how that went:

Headboard hung. The final pieces can now be installed.

Sorry this post is later than usual. I’ve been down a couple of rabbit holes already this morning. The overhead of life never stops.

And sadly there isn’t much news to share.

Much of my time was spent going through the onboarding process for my new job at the college. “Onboarding” is corporate newspeak for all the stuff you have to do and the forms you have to fill out when you become a new employee somewhere.

It turns out that just over a year ago the college began using a new, cloud-based software package to automate their HR systems…

Greetings once again everyone, and welcome to whatever this is!

This week’s episode features:

  • News about my next job.
  • A story about a home made router table and how it helped me make progress on the headboard.
  • An unexpected store.

Shall we get started?

Let’s get both the title and the “big” news of the week out of the way first. As mentioned in previous posts I have been interviewing for a job, and I just accepted it. That means I get to add another in a string of very different job titles to my resume. …

Greetings! Welcome to this week’s update.

Trust me, the title will eventually make sense.

But before then, the big news is that I’ve made it past the first hurdle and am undergoing reference checks for a job. If all goes as it should I will be one of those who can monitor the Fine Arts shop at Langara College when the regular coordinator is out. I look forward to being back on campus occasionally, interacting with students, and seeing my instructors. As much as Covid allows any of that, at least.

But Covid will be less of a problem one…

As anyone following the news from Texas knows, I have no business complaining about the weather here in Vancouver. Beyond that, some people I know in Chicago are basically snowed in, which is definitely not the case here. So I will avoid the obvious topic and move on.

Sadly, that leaves little to discuss this week. I don’t know where all the time went, but I suspect I am not alone in feeling that way as Covid drags on. A good deal of time went into something I think I have mentioned before: The Overhead of Life, as my friend…

Greetings from the frozen north. Not as frozen as some of you are experiencing, I know. We get the moderating influence of the Pacific Ocean here, which helps, but the temperature dropped to about -7° C last night. That’s around 19° F for my American readers. Well below freezing, but I believe parts of the American Midwest have been a lot colder than that lately.

I feel for you.

This is probably the coldest weather I have encountered here in the Vancouver area since we arrived. There was some snow the other day. Not much, and it’s gone now, but…

Jeff Powell

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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