I know, I know. What does that title have to do with anything?

We’ll get there. I promise.

But before we do, I’ll cover some of what happened this past week. Because that’s what you expect, right?

You know, I wonder what random readers of these posts think of them. If this is your first time reading something here and you’re confused, please let me know that, or something. These have gotten progressively weirder ever since I graduated from art school. Not that art school had anything to do with that. …

Wow. The past week was something of a blur. I cannot claim to know where it all went, really, but I was busy much of the time. That might not be entirely healthy, but such is life.

It might not be obvious to those on the outside, but Covid is on the rise here in BC in a big way. Not as bad as anywhere I’ve read about in the US, but not good by BC standards. The province saw over 750 cases identified the day before last, and over 500 yesterday. Those are worrying numbers, and new rules are in place as a result: mandatory masks in indoor spaces, restrictions on a number of businesses and activities, and so on. I am happy so many people take it seriously here, and I hope we get it back under control quickly. Of course this was basically predictable once it got cold and everyone started staying indoors again. …

Another week gone, and I refuse to admit that is the case. In fact, I have instructed my employees to deny what the calendar actually says and claim that it is still November 6th instead. Anyone thinking it is November 13th is wrong, and a fraud, and a loser. It’s still November 6th! It will always be November 6th!

Huh. I wonder where that tirade came from? Sorry about that.

Anyway, it will probably be a short post this week. Or so it seems as I get started writing it. …

Hello once again everyone. So sorry to have missed a post. Those on my email list got a cryptic message about bad news. Sadly it will stay cryptic here since not everything needs to go on the public internet. If you really want to know contact me privately and I will fill you in.

Suffice it to say, though, that things must go on, and they are doing just that. Despite tragedy, the US election (which might also be tragedy), rain, and Covid, life continues. And over the last two weeks some progress has occurred.

You might recall the heating system water leak in the guest room and the chaos it caused. Recovery continues. The guest room itself is now back in working order, having been fully painted. Here are some photos. Note the complete absence of nearly black paint on the walls. …

If you find this post it means you’re actively looking for such things.

First, thank you.

Second, there was no post this week. Events conspired to make that happen. Not good events, to be clear.

Those who get notifications from me were told this was the case on Friday. This is for the rest of you.

There should be a new post this coming Friday.

My apologies, but sometimes life simply does not cooperate.

Greetings from the relatively cold north.

I’ve mentioned the occasional chance of snow in recent posts. None of those threats have materialized, but another one looms today and it’s cold enough that what is now rain might become snow this afternoon. Something about a “modified arctic air mass” in the forecast. Time will tell.

“But it’s only October. Halloween hasn’t even arrived yet,” I hear you say. You’re quite right. It’s still fall, as you can see:

That’s the only photo I have this week. It’s a Japanese maple in the front yard, doing the “colour turn thing” I so rarely saw in California. The seasons there are different. Instead of the usual four (spring, summer, fall, and winter) they have just two: “rain” (or “mud”) and “fire.” The transition from one to the other takes only a couple of weeks. Deciduous trees go directly from green to brown sometime in August (possibly July) under a blazing sun that is also fanning the literal flames in various places. By that point it hasn’t rained since sometime in March or April, and it won’t until at least October. …

Yes, really. Alternately this post could be titled “Yet Another Adventure in Homeownering” but it seems the title of a piece matters. Last week’s post got fewer reads than the previous one, which I put down to the title. That’s pretty simplistic, of course. It could have been the weather, or any number of other things, but I’m going with the title.

And speaking of that title, what am I nattering on about, you ask? I’ll begin with the dog.

Last Friday, Cruzer (a mixed breed dog, probably part Akita, and definitely part door knob) would not go to sleep. He was unable to settle, and squeaked constantly. I tried all the tricks I have learned with him over the years (let him out, biscuit, pets and reassurance, orders to lay down, and so on) but nothing worked. He was simply not going to sleep. In an attempt to keep him (and me) from waking Anne, I took him downstairs to the living room. Eventually, for reasons unknown, I got him to lay down and he finally fell asleep. A few hours later we toddled back upstairs after Tinkerbelle got us up for one of her semi-regular middle-of-the-night outages. Once there Cruzer continued to sleep, so I figured whatever his existential crisis was, it had passed. (He gets these things from time to time: sudden, inexplicable worries that pass in a few minutes, or an hour, or with the application of treats. …

Greetings from the rainy north. I’m sorry, Californian friends, but I have yet to figure out how to send any of this rain your direction. I know you need it, but the mechanism to make that happen continues to elude me.

How much rain, you ask? Well…

That’s from Thursday morning and you can do the math on all those millimetres of rain at the bottom. I found the mention of possible snow amusing, but it later disappeared. To make life easier for those still living with archaic units of measurement, there are 25.4mm in an inch. …

I feel like I just wrote the previous post a day or two ago, but here it is, Friday morning, and I am staring at the composition screen trying to figure out what to write.

Last night we watched Roxanne again — a great Steve Martin movie — and I once again laughed out loud at this scene, which has been relevant for all of 2020:

It seems everything I had to share was overshadowed by the latest news: Trump has Covid. The implications boggle the mind, conspiracy theories are already flowing, and the craziness will only intensify.

And speaking of…

Hello once again, this time from the very wet north. Vancouver has been hit by something similar to the Pineapple Express, as we called it in California. A stream of humid air coming out of the south and dropping a whole lot of rain in a very brief time.

I will get into trouble with some of my Californian readers over this, but I didn’t have a rain gauge out until halfway through the storm series. I only put one out late in the current storm cycle in a vain attempt to figure out how much it takes to overflow our water feature. …


Jeff Powell

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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