Greetings from North Vancouver, where it hasn’t rained in something like 37 days. That is approaching (or into, not sure) record setting territory.

Of course summers are always dry in the Vancouver area, but “dry” is a relative term. Compared with our old place in California — where it generally didn’t rain at all between sometime in April or May and sometime in October or November — going a bit over a month with no rain hardly feels like a problem. But of course it is. The local plants are not built for long dry spells, and they were already…

Last week I asked about the title. Two readers responded and both were correct. Internet points were awarded. If you didn’t respond, you didn’t even get a chance at the reward. That’ll teach you, right?

I’m reusing the title because it’s still appropriate. It’s always appropriate. In Groundhog Day, Phil Connors — the TV weatherman who gets stuck reliving Groundhog Day over and over — says “Well, it’s Groundhog Day, again…” as the introduction to his second recording of the annual TV segment. I’ve modified the quote for my situation, but not beyond recognition. Writing these posts every Friday sometimes…

Hello everyone. Ten Internet points will be awarded to the person who correctly identifies the quote that I have modified in the title and lets me know both what it is from and who said it. Hint: once you’ve written something over and over again (like the title for these posts) you start thinking about this.

NB: Internet points are actually useless and will not really be awarded, but you get the idea.

The past week has been disturbingly busy. Lots happening, and even some photos this time around. …

I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out where the last week went. I have no photos on my phone, and other than a lot of time sitting in front of the computer I can’t recall much of anything I got done. What the heck was going on?

Oh, yeah. I was hiding.

Trying not to melt or burst into flame.

It was hot here. Really hot. I saw outdoor temperatures at something like 38.4° C, which is basically 101° F. And sadly, the interior of the house was at 36° C at the peak. It was awful. The…

A few of you might have spotted the short post yesterday saying that I was behind thanks to my second vaccine dose. I’d been adding to our collective chance of achieving herd immunity.

As with my previous dose, I reacted strongly. The first time around I had a fever and chills like I had never had them before, and I felt a lack of energy for well over a week.

This time I had a very high fever (103° F) for some time. And it turns out if you google [ when is a fever dangerous ] you will find…

Hi All,

Late this week I got my second dose of Covid vaccine, and while I am thrilled to have it, I am wiped out by the side effects. Fever and headache, in my case.

Anything I write today will be a huge pile of typos. Not fun.

I might try again tomorrow if things have improved, but if not I will see you again in a week.


Greetings Programs! (No one commented on that last week, so I assume you all know where it comes from, right?)

Another week gone. Time is flying by of late. Is it that way for everyone, or is it just me?

A few interesting things did happen, this week, thankfully. And here they are:

First off, last week included Anne’s birthday, and she really wanted to go out for dinner. We went to a local pub and sat on the patio. It was our first meal out in something like 15 months, and it was very nice. The place even had…

Greetings Programs!

(That’s two references in quick succession — one really obscure — but it’s not the lousy opening I used last week. Progress!)

Here it is, another week into 2021 and I have little to show for it. Despite being slammed with stuff to do I have no accomplishments to share. Here’s most of the list, as far as I can recall it. Last week I…

  • … painted the bathroom, but it’s still not done.
  • … delivered community newsletters, and found a new volunteer to take over this delivery route next time, but still need to finish creating the…

Good day once again, gentle reader.

I’ve always wondered about that phrase: “gentle reader.” Why should I assume you’re gentle? You might be violent. I can probably get away with assuming you are a reader, though. If not, you won’t see the phrase to know about it, so it clearly won’t apply to you. (But in that case who am I addressing in that last sentence, or this one? Language, it seems, is complicated.)

I suspect the phrase “gentle reader” comes from the same root as the word “gentleman,” which Google tells me derives from a Middle English term for…

Once again we find ourselves grouped around the phone, or tablet, or monitor, catching up on events of the last week. But first, as the title suggests, I have to explain that strange cracking noise you hear every once in a while.

For some months now, my wife and I have not been painting in the house. Tons of paint and other work is needed, but I didn’t want to do it while it’s cold outside. We’re painting with zero VOC paint, but it still smells like paint, and the less of that we have while the windows are closed…

Jeff Powell

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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