A Void

Hi All.

I read an interesting article yesterday, all about how the first population of huge black holes in the universe came into existence shortly after the big bang. That question has been a real problem for astronomers and physicists, but it seems they may have cracked it. I was happy reading that.

But that was just about the only thing I was happy about reading in the last week.

My only accomplishments were related to the community association website and monthly email. I did a lot of work on those things, but there is nothing to share.

Thus the title: my week was a void.

All I have for you this week is two pictures of Tinkerbelle. In the first, she is trying to keep me from sitting down for dinner:

She’s very effective at that.

And here she is in her usual perch, keeping tabs on (and barking at) the neighbourhood:

Note what her toenails have done to the baseboard and the wall. Once the windows are replaced I need to create something to protect along there so the damage is minimized. It will eventually get repaired when I finally get around to painting in this room, but until then I need to keep it from getting too much worse. And even after the windows are in it will be some time before this room gets worked on.

Sorry there isn’t anything important from me this week. There is plenty of critical stuff going on in the rest of the world, though. Instead of wondering about me, I suggest you catch up on that for a while. It will not improve your mental health, but it might make you a better citizen.

‘Till next week.



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Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.