Greetings once again from the Covid-19 After Times.

How big do you think this is? Will we eventually start saying dates differently? Maybe “BC” will come to mean “Before Covid-19” and instead of using “AD” or “CE” we’ll use “AC” for “After Covid-19”? That would make this year 0 AC. More specifically, today is: April 24, 0 AC.

Hmmm. Maybe changes like that only happen years later, when there is more perspective on things.

Anyway, last week’s post was short and silly, but it got more response than anything else I’ve shared lately. Are you people weird, or is the quarantine getting to you too?

This week I have a follow up to the TP saga, some photos from a nearby park, and other assorted trivia. Without further ado…

A couple of my readers — they know who they are — asked questions in response to last week’s post. In an attempt to offer some “fan service,” I am giving you what you appear to want.

The first question came from Tally Sally. She asked:

information you left out: Does one of these new rolls fit on the doorknob or on the top of the toilet?

Well, Sally, here is photographic evidence that yes, it will fit in the doorknob hanger:

On the left is a brand new standard roll, and on the right a commercial roll. As you can see, it works just fine. However, these rolls are too large to fit on top of the toilet tank. They would have to stand up, and might roll around and crash to the floor.

The second question came from Anonymous Artist, who asked:

I do find it interesting that the image on the box shows what could be interpreted as sheet perforations when my experience with industrial rolls is that they have no such thing. Inquiring mind(s) want to know; does it or does it not have sheet perforations?

As with the first question, I have a photographic answer:

It has perforations. Interestingly this roll style is not perforated in squares. Instead it is perforated in rectangles 3.5" wide and 8.5" long. I can’t explain those dimensions.

I’m sure there was at least one other question that no one actually asked:

Will these big rolls fit on the standard roll holder once they’ve been used enough?

Technically, yes. Here’s a photo where I attempted to capture their tube sizes:

It’s difficult to tell, but the big roll’s cardboard tube is larger than the one in a standard roll. A standard tube is about 1 5/8" in diameter while these are about 2 1/4". It will fit over the spindle in a standard holder after enough has been used.

But there are pragmatic issues that make things a bit complicated. First, since the tube is larger, it would seem that there would be less left on the roll by the time you can put it into the wall holder. So perhaps it wouldn’t be worth doing.

On the other hand, the commercial roll is less squishy:

On the left I am squeezing the standard roll firmly, and it compresses pretty far. On the right I am squeezing a commercial roll even more firmly and it doesn’t deform much at all. I conclude the commercial TP is more dense and there would be more of it on the roll at a given diameter than you would find on a standard roll of the same diameter.

In summary: yes these rolls could eventually be put on the standard roll holder in the bathroom, but whether it would be worth doing remains to be seen.

One final thing on this topic: It was pointed out to me (by management, as they say) that the macrame roll holder was something created on demand. It was not just laying around. She saw the need and crafted the item specifically to address this problem. My apologies for the earlier — hopelessly inaccurate — information on this topic.

If everyone’s curiosity is now fully sated, it’s time to move on to a less stinky topic.

When I get stir crazy and/or just need some exercise, this park is relatively close. I can walk to it and hike around. During the week the trails aren’t that busy, so I can get in a good, long walk without worrying much about social distancing. Weekends get a bit more crowded, but this is not a typical tourist destination.

The park is south of the Cleveland dam, a 90m tall structure that creates one of three (I think) drinking water reservoirs for the Vancouver area.

Note the rainbow from the spray in the lower left.

And here’s the reservoir itself:

It’s full to the brim right now, which is good.

Hiking in the park is quite pretty. The trails range from normal paths to chaotic jumbles of roots to stair cases to old logging roads. (At least that’s what I assume the roads are.)

There is also a fish hatchery that works to keep the salmon population up in the river.

It’s obvious that most people are wary of the risk of Covid-19. Hikers generally stop on the trails and step well aside from each other as they pass. Apologies and greetings are common when that happens. Such things are primed by signs like these:

I have continued to work on my soapstone carving process a little bit.

It turns out that wood glue is a fine adhesive for these stones, at least as far as I can tell. The repairs you see above seem quite strong. There is a long way still to go, with several more stones to slab up. Then the more detailed shaping starts.

At one point I was fiddling with a digital art program. I made one drawing with it, mostly to learn a little about the software, and to see how working that way feels. I am unsure about it, but I will share the result:

That’s a quick (well, relatively quick, mostly limited by how little I know about the program) sketch. And the dog kept moving around, so I blame all inaccuracies and distortions on him. I’m not sure if I want to do more of this or not. Pondering.

Finally, for those who make it all the way to the end: Anne and I are working on buying a house. The details won’t show up in these posts — though I’ll probably discuss moving when appropriate— so if you want to know more you’ll have to get in touch. And yes, once we’ve moved we will give the address to those who need/want it.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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