And Then There Were Two

We said goodbye to Skookie today. She will be missed.

I went through my photo archive and extracted every photo that has her in it. Seemed like a good thing to do. In the mix below you will also see Cruzer (black & white), Danno (Siberian Husky), Leah (spotted black & blue/grey), Tinkerbelle (tan & white), my mom, Anne, and me. Several different locations are included here.

For various reasons the photos are in no particular order. I also didn’t bother weeding out the less great photos. At this point they all have some merit. The earliest photo is from before 2015, but the exact date is lost.

To be clear, I think these are the last and first photos of her that I have:

You were not just a good dog, Skookie. You were a great dog.

You were loved and you will always be missed. Danno and Leah are of course loved and missed as well, but this is Skookie’s page.



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