Art School: Semester 2, Week 10

The time is flying by, and I am a bit late getting this week’s update out. Sorry about that!

I will keep this brief, though, as I have a HUGE pile of homework, and it isn’t going to get easier as the semester goes on.

And we are starting to look into places to move to when our lease expires.

Art History

We got our midterm test results back. Yours truly did really well. Unexpectedly, actually, but I did well. Not that I expected to do poorly or anything. I just didn’t expect to do that well.

We also watched Rear Window, the Alfred Hitchcock movie about a photographer stuck in his home after breaking his leg. He spends time watching his neighbours and sees what he thinks is a murder. We watched this as part of the class in which we are discussing The Gaze, and the follow up discussion should be interesting.

I found the reaction of my fellow students very amusing. They were really into the movie, despite it being from 1954. There was a lot of chatter about events in the movie as it ran, and the obvious differences in the world portrayed vs. their own didn’t seem to matter much. I did have to explain why a phone number was given as “Chelsea 55555” though. That was amusing.

I have a first draft of a paper due in class on Monday for peer review. Final draft is due the week after. This paper has fought me, though. A lot. My forehead will be covered in my own blood — from beating it into the table — before it is done.


The intaglio print series is done. Here’s one of them:

Image for post
Image for post
Intaglio Print, complete, finally!

The instructor was right about wanting to darken it up in the background, and it basically works now.

By Tuesday I need to have a sketch done for a serigraph (screen print) that we’re doing next. Three or four colours. Still life of objects that represent us. Same format as the others: 7" x 7" image on 10" x 10" paper. I think I will find an interesting arrangement of some stone carving tools and a keyboard, which pretty much encapsulates the last 20 years of my life.


The wood project continues. It is due in 1.5 weeks, and then we’re right into the assemblage project. I’m in the middle of finishing now. Here’s what it looked like when it was mostly assembled in the shop to see how things look:

Image for post
Image for post
Bacteriophage sculpture, mostly assembled for testing

I hope to get the finishing done this week, so I get a week to relax on that project, but who knows.


Last week’s assignment was rather odd, at least to me. We sketched things at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, then picked a sketch and painted a water colour from it, and then we were assigned the task of drawing the water colour in charcoal or pencil, optionally using chalk.

The end result that I turned in got me full marks, but I despise it. It wound up looking like something that I might have done when I was five, and that my mom hung on the fridge. It’s appalling. I am not sharing a picture of it because I think it is that bad. Yes, really. And it will not be going into my portfolio.

This week’s assignment — due on Thursday morning — is a drawing containing chrome, glass, and text. I have no clue how I will approach that one yet.


We’re trying to get going on the final media project, which is two videos, each one minute long, designed to be projected at the same time, in some screen arrangement that we decide upon. With sound. This week we played a bit with Adobe Illustrator as well as Photoshop and Premier as we tinkered with this project.

I have no clue what I am going to do just yet. I have ideas, but they are all crazy in terms of time needed, and I haven’t got it. But I need a start on it by this coming Friday.

That’s it for this week. (I told you I’d keep it short!)


  • Here’s some art that I really like. An artist finds old paintings at thrift stores and then modifies them to include geeky, modern things. These are great, and someday I hope to either do something similar just for myself, or buy an original from him.
  • The usual index of art school posts and other things here on Medium, because Medium’s display isn’t chronological, as far as I can tell.

Dog Pictures

A bonanza for Nicki (and any other dog lovers out there) this week! There was a play session in my office, right behind my chair, and I grabbed my camera.

Image for post
Image for post
C’mon Skookie! Come get me!
Image for post
Image for post
Ha! Too fast for you!
Image for post
Image for post
See? I ran out the door before you caught me!
Image for post
Image for post
Nah! I really didn’t care that much, Tinkerbelle. You come get me!
Image for post
Image for post
Cruzer supervised the entire affair.

Also, because I saw it on the internet, here’s a great thing:

Image for post
Image for post
Apparently they grow. Photo from the net.

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