Art School: Semester 2, Week 11

Week 11 is over now, and the crush at the end of the semester continues unabated. As you’ll read in the sections about each class, the work continues to bear down and nothing comes off the due list until next week.

We’re also working on finding our next place to live. Well, Anne is doing that and I am trying — unsuccessfully — to avoid annoying her with questions about the process. I hope we have an answer on that soon.

Anyway, let’s get started and see just how bad the week really was.

Art History

The second writing assignment is due on Monday. I’ve got a draft written and partially edited. I will finish it up this weekend and submit it. After that we have three lectures left and a take home final exam. With luck, the pressure on this class will drop a bit in a couple of days.


We have a couple of weeks to get this done, so the rush isn’t crippling on it directly, but there is a lot of other stuff going on, so getting it done sooner rather than later seems wise. I’ll try to get photos of the process.


Once the wood sculpture is done, we’re off into the assemblage sculpture project, and that is still a total unknown to me. I have an idea, but it’s nasty and will take time and resources and I have neither at the moment. Ugh.


Chrome, glass, and words for Drawing II

Not a stellar photo, but as you can see I took it as a bit of a technical exercise, rather than specifically as a compositional one. It worked out, though. The instructor liked it, and I got full credit for it.

In class we worked on caricature drawing (at which I stink) and the assignment is to draw a few panels with ourselves in them, as if from a graphic novel or comic book. No real requirements for drawing accuracy or style. She wants a story and a way of telling it that works. Stick figures would be OK, apparently. I have a plan, which I am keeping under wraps until I am certain I can make it happen. Wish me luck on that. It’s due next Thursday.


As things stand right now, I have just over eight seconds of video for each of two channels prepared. That leaves something like 1500 frames to create if I go fully animated for the rest of the project, plus whatever I do on the audio side of things.

Alternatively I could throw away what I currently have completely and start over with something that might be simpler to create. Not sure about that yet. This is due in three weeks.


  • The usual index of art school posts and other things here on Medium, because Medium’s display isn’t chronological, as far as I can tell.

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