Art School, Semester 2, Week 3

Hi again everyone, and welcome to the weekly post of the art student rapidly losing his mind as the homework takes over his world.


Let’s get started on the week in review…

Art History

We also have a writing assignment due in two weeks that is based on an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I need to get cracking on that, but…




After The Party, a cubist drawing in the style of Bottles and Knife, by Juan Gris

That drawing took a minimum of 14 hours. Those are the hours I can directly account for. There may be more, but I wasn’t keeping close track of them.

And of course every drawing class comes with new homework. This week we’ve been told to draw at least five eggs, using only light values. We also have to create some thumbnails as we explore possible compositions, and write something short about why we are doing this. That’s all due on Thursday morning, and I really need to get that started, but…


There are several more hours on this that I need to spend to get it done. Assuming I don’t throw my hands up in despair and start over, after finding a totally different approach to things.

Other Stuff

Apparently the US government has shut down. That’s par for the course these days, I guess. And the recriminations continue. I did have a laugh this morning, though. I got one of those scam phone calls claiming that there are four legal filings proceeding against me for our taxes, and I should call the (anonymous) office back to resolve them before I am arrested. In response I thought:

  1. The government has shut down. No one could be coming after me.
  2. I’m in Canada. Extradite me, suckers.
  3. Oh, and the entire thing is a scam. The IRS doesn’t call or threaten anyone this way.

So I deleted the messages, blocked the number, and moved on with life. But it was a laugh, which have been a bit far between this past week.


And here is the usual list of links to other articles in this series:

Dog Pictures

Tinkerbelle, waiting for the picture to be done so she can do something fun!

Short update this week. Sorry. I suspect you know why given the above.

But please do tell me about typos. I’m in a rush, and am not doing the usual level of proof reading. (And the usual level often misses them anyway, so this piece is probably infested with them!)

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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