Art School: Semester 3, Week 14 — Summer Semester is Over

See that headline? That is the big news this time around. School is over for a few weeks, and I am at loose ends.

Well, no. Not really. Instead I have a ton of stuff to do around the house, and not enough time to get it all done before classes start up in September. But I am working on it.

The first project I actually started a couple of days before my English final exam. Last Saturday I went off and bought materials so that this week on Wednesday and Thursday I could create this:

It may not be art, but it sure was work!

Those red pavers… I put them in. The installation took 2 full days, plus another hour or so with Anne to sweep sand in between them to help lock them into place. The photo was taken just after I had rinsed them off and placed the patio furniture.

Yes, we live in a rental, but we didn’t spend a lot of money at this. The pavers were on sale for $1.99 per square foot from a local supplier. I don’t think we spent $200 (Canadian) for the entire thing. In truth, these pavers are a bit beat up. They were on sale because the place has stopped selling that manufacturer’s stuff, I think. They’re weathered and covered in efflorescence, but that just makes them look old and match the house. Once the rain returns in earnest we’ll get some grass seed and mulch out there as well (though how we will keep the hounds off new grass I really don’t know) and things will clean up.

I have one other project that is similarly sized — I need to do some things to the floor in the downstairs bathroom — but that one will wait until all the others are done, I think.

There is an oddball school project I have going as well. Some weeks back I was talking with the department chair about a change they are making to the graduation requirements and I mentioned that the documentation they had about them left me with questions. After some clarification, I said I would ponder an alternative presentation. I did that — I mocked it up in Google sheets — and she loved it. But then, of course it needed some changes, because of course it did. Well, one thing lead to another lead to another and now I am halfway through preparing the final version of the chart that maps out the graduation requirements for the Fine Arts Diploma. It’s pretty funny that I am doing this, but I am enjoying it, and learning in the process. And in the end I will give them a document they can maintain themselves, so that’s good.

I think that’s it for generalities this week, so let’s move on to classes for the last time this summer.


I took, er… sorry… I wrote (gotta work on my Canadian) my final exam on Tuesday. This was a real final, given at a different time and place from the regular class, two hours to take the test, show your ID (though, admittedly, the instructor knew me so well that was not an issue in my case). I probably did just fine, but it will be several days before he gets all the grading done. It was three, long, essay questions, after all. But it’s done.

And I did get my grade back on my final paper, an A-. That’s not bad. Admittedly I’d have preferred better, but I was hard up against the word limit (past it, actually) and this paper was work. Usually I can write without too much effort once I have a topic, but this one just didn’t gel for some reason. I wish I knew exactly why that was so I could avoid it in the future, but I haven’t been able to grok that yet.

In any case, this class is officially done. I’ll miss the weekly visits with Alex, the instructor. He’s good people, and I hope to meet his wife someday.

Canadian Art

This class is done, as you may recall. I still don’t see my final grade in the online system, and I have yet to read a couple of papers that will give me an excuse to contact the instructor, but I am sure I did just fine.


  • Politics alert. Yeah, sorry, but not really. If you read one other thing this week, this is it. This is why I cannot suffer the Republican party anymore. There’s a bit of language in it, but if any of my readers are that tender, well… don’t be. At least not for this piece. He needs the language to get the point across.
  • The usual index of art school posts and other things here on Medium, because Medium didn’t get the ordering right when I imported posts from somewhere else, and I can’t figure out how to fix it.


This is me — well, part of me — just before the English final exam. Notice anything?

That muddy spot is what you get when you walk halfway to the SeaBus along a creek trail and encounter a large, friendly, chocolate lab who has just gotten out of the water and wants to tell you how happy he is and how a few pets from you would go on to complete his already wonderful day.

Yes, I give him the pets he so richly deserved. Our dogs think water is liquid death, so this kind of thing will never happen with them. Not that they won’t get muddy, but they won’t do so by walking into a creek.

Those of you still playing along at home — and why are you doing that, exactly? — will recall the set of weird pictures I had trouble identifying two weeks ago. All turned out to be nautically themed signs from the SeaBus. Well, on the way home from my English final exam I found another one, but this time I can tell you want it is without having to look it up:

Based on the fact that the icon is stuck to a cabinet containing a fire hose, I am betting that weird symbol means “fire hose.” But, honestly… that means fire hose? I think the people designing nautical symbols need a break. They are so far off into the weeds no one is going to know what they are thinking.

And finally, I have this photo taken from our house just this morning:

Ignore the house… look at the clouds!

There is rain in the forecast today. Not a lot — just a trace, really — but it is there, and it will be the first time in a while. More importantly, for a couple of days it will be cooler. Then it gets warmer again, sadly. Global warming is a thing, folks, and there is no hiding from it. But still, cooler for a bit, and I like that.

And In Conclusion…

Here’s one of my favourite YouTubers: Simone Gertz. She’s the (self proclaimed) queen of sh*tty robots. In this episode she builds a robot to feed her pumpkin soup, and the results are, well… just watch:

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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