Art School: Semester 3, Week 2

Week two is done now, and this continues to be an interesting semester. Details on the classes below, as usual.

In non-school news, the district (we live in the District of North Vancouver, not the City of North Vancouver… two different political entities) has been tearing up the street out front to replace the water main. Apparently there have been complaints in the past about water quality, so they’re putting in a new line.

That has caused all kinds of doggy consternation. Big, rumbling equipment and people are simply not allowed out there. Not not not!

And the noise — both from the dogs and the work — has been a bit distracting for Anne who is trying to work. But they are now down to the far end of the road, and things should be quieter for a bit. Once the main line is in, it has to be tested (I assume that’s a leak test) and then they come back and redo the water connections to each house, one at a time. Whee. There will be a lot of barkage when that happens here, let me tell you.


But I have now met the instructor and he’s quite nice. We had a long, wandering conversation and I think he’s figuring me out, at least a bit. That’s good. He might even read these posts at some point. I did give him the link to the index post last week and he told me he’d read at least some of them. Whether he’ll come back I don’t know.

We’ve got a quiz to take based on two short stories we’re reading, and we’ve also got the actual assignment for our first paper. That’s an analysis in 750 words of one of the stories we’ve been assigned so far, on one of several given topic areas. Shouldn’t be a problem.



  • The usual index of art school posts and other things here on Medium, because Medium’s display isn’t chronological, as far as I can tell.


In the meantime, I can share this:

Click on that and look at the marks in the bow

That ship is in the harbour as of a day or two ago, and we go around it on the SeaBus. As usual, I looked it up. It’s a bulk carrier of some kind, but I have no idea what it hauls. Most interesting to me are those marks on the bow. Something has gouged into it pretty deeply and regularly. That’s clearly not from hitting something… that was done to it by something mechanical, and therefor for a reason. But why?

If anyone knows, please share. I am curious why that would be done.

That’s it for this week. Best!

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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