Art School: Semester 4, Week 12

Greetings everyone! I am trying to get this out before one of my more, um… appreciative (I think that’s a good word) readers hassles me about being slow to get it done.

And it’s been a good week, I think. The semester is coming to a close and I am mostly done with things. Tinkerbelle is still happy and improving as well, and I am looking forward to a few weeks off to relax and catch up on my sleep.

Anyway, let’s hit the specifics:

Professional Practice

Last week we had our opening reception for the exhibit we hung the week before. It was fine. I’ve turned in the last of my written assignments at this point, including a self assessment about that exhibition and my participation therein. That was amusing to write, given the painting — Ticked — that I chose to hang.

I also gave a short talk about my art, and watched several others give theirs. Honestly, I was amazed at the work my fellow students are doing, and hearing their descriptions of their work was great fun.

I based my own talk on my website. I reworked the site a bit in preparation for that, and it seems to be OK at this time. Those who haven’t seen it and want to, are welcome to visit: The major changes were in the gallery, if you’re curious.

Next week the rest of the students deliver their artist talks and this class officially ends. Well, there is an exhibit to take down on Monday morning as well, but that’ll be pretty simple.


This class is also basically done. My work is ready to go, and this coming week we will hang our exhibit during class time. This past week I was busy in class helping others with a couple of things as they worked towards finishing their projects.

I know some of you have wanted to know more about my project here, and I haven’t had a lot of photos. The final lamp has been shared with you, and I will get pictures of the final display once we have it all hung up this coming week, but I can share the instructions I wrote on how to assemble the light. I hope you find them entertaining:

Hehe. I had no clue that Medium would include that display. Nice! Enjoy!

Also this week — in ancient news coming back — there was a short meeting with some people from the Port of Vancouver about our Summer project. They expressed interest in what we suggested in that project, and it seems there will be ongoing discussions. Maybe someday there will be more done with it, but it’s impossible to tell at this time. This was the first meeting between anyone at the port and the school, and we all know how slowly big organizations move. We’ll see. But I left encouraged. At the very minimum it was clear we’d made points they had not previously considered, and they liked what we had to say, even if they have limitations and concerns that we did not know about at the time we did the original work.

Aboriginal Carving

This week we did a crit of our projects. For most those projects are still in progress, but there are two of us who are done and have moved on. In my case that meant I showed this:

That’s a small (about 4" diameter) piece of red cedar that I carved. Apparently I am pushing the use of the knife I have a bit farther than my instructor expects most to do. Given it’s just a simple straight knife, there are limits to what you can do with it, or so it is usually thought. But I made both of those holes with it, and pushed the depths of the cuts quite a bit to make this piece. It was just an experiment in my mind, given I was done with the final work, but it seems others really like it. I’m toying with painting it, and have mixed reviews on that idea, so it is still raw at this point.

I have a couple of other things I may work on for this coming class and the class after that, as time allows. I am also researching tools for the 3D class next semester, and will be out buying those soon. More chisels and possibly a native knife from these folks:

Every new interest is an excuse to buy more tools, right? And the benefit of knife work is that I can do it anywhere I have a hardwood floor. Cleanup is easy as it doesn’t make dust. So while I currently don’t imagine it will dethrone stone as my favourite carving material, I may well continue doing it just to have something I can do indoors, without a dedicated studio space.


My sculpture is done:


Yes, Leo. That’s the title. I invite people to think of reasons for that. I’ll share it later.

Crit will be in two weeks, so the coming class will involve some discussion about sculptors and what not, and then I’ll probably clean around the studio or assist however I can.

I am already working on ideas for the last sculpture next term. I have a vague idea that I need to work out the details about to make it come to fruition. I’d like to have the worst of it figured out before she gives us that assignment, if possible, so I am pondering difficult engineering details. More on this next term, unless I decide I can’t do it and have to change the plan entirely.


Canadians are nicer than Americans on Twitter, at least.

Art School Post Index. So you can see these stories in order if you want to.


This is what you might see when an artist working with plaster rides home on the skytrain:P

And In Conclusion…



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