Art School: Semester 5, Week 14

I am writing this intro on Tuesday afternoon because this has already been an “interesting” week. Langara College wound up in the news, and not for a good reason:


As stated above, this class didn’t happen on Tuesday thanks to the arson attempt on campus. But as you all know, my stool is done, and I think I have everything ready for the crit, though, so I am good to go. I did get a better coat of shellac on the top of the stool over the weekend, so that’s good. Here are two photos of the final thing:

Aboriginal Carving

This was the last formal class of the term. We had two things happening today: a “final quiz” and a roughing-in project.


As a result of the chaos in the beginning of the week, people lost work days on their final projects, and the instructor took pity on the class. Crit of the final sculptures has been moved out one week, to give people the time they lost.

Other School(ish) Stuff

The plastics project is no further along. The meeting was interrupted by the arson related insanity, and we still need some of the metal pieces back from the water jet cutting place.

  • At least I Still Haven’t Become A Cockroach. Yet. — the big stone (might need a different title)
  • Metamorphosis — the one built from rock chips
  • Echoes of Danno — the Italian Alabaster I carved last term
  • The light from design class (still needs a title)
  • The stool from design class (still needs a title)


The only thing I found this week that I want to share is in the next section, so all you get is the usual Art School Post Index. Sorry.


I have only one additional picture for you this time:

  • Finish the aluminum bas relief metal chasing
  • Find a plinth (funny word, that… they don’t tend to say “pedestal” here… not sure why that is) for the big stone.

And In Conclusion…

This week has been weird (you read all of the above, right?) and as a direct result of some of that weirdness I had a chance to wander the internet a tiny bit. These days I enjoy that less and less, but there are still some good things on it, and this is one of those.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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