Art School: Semester 5, Week 15 -It’s Done

I made it. Yesterday was the final crit of the semester, and classes are done, for me, for now. They start up again in September, I think, though I have yet to see an actual schedule for the fall.

It was a long, long term, as my regular readers know, and the down time is going to be much appreciated. Though, being me, I will probably be bouncing off the walls in very short order.

But before I get to that point, I have a lot to share from the last week. So much, in fact, that I am breaking this post up into a couple of sub posts. There are a ton of pictures to share, and it feels wrong to lump them all into this one thing. As a result, I’ll put the school stuff into one post per class, and leave everything else here. They will all be cross linked as well, so you can just read on and follow the usual path if you like. (Or at least that is my intention.)

So… let’s get started.


Aboriginal Carving


Other School(ish) Stuff



Click to enlarge!

These two photos show her in the dry dock, being repaired after running aground (or into something… I am still not sure) about two weeks ago. I’d mentioned her fate in a rundown of a number of harbour related mishaps in a previous post, and finally had a chance to to get close to her while she was being worked on.

Click to enlarge these too!

Then, on Tuesday morning on my way to school I saw five tug boats working to get her out of the dry dock. Apparently the entire dry dock rotates — which I did not know until now — to make getting ships in and out easier.

Last I checked she was back at sea. You can find her any time by clicking here.

In vaguely related news, the SeaBus terminal staff has a sense of humour:

Each SeaBus terminal has a fake owl to scare away the pigeons. Apparently they need rather elaborate holiday costuming.

And looking through a window at the SeaBus terminal, I noted this girl:

Who was protected by this bloke:

He was clearly thinking about breaking through the glass to tell me off and keep me away from his significant other.

Don’t mess with geese.

And In Conclusion…

I am not graduating this year, but the rules say I can participate in two such shows, so I am doing one this year and one next. Come to opening night if you can. Bring a mug or glass along for wine. (We’re trying to make it more environmentally friendly… there will be disposable cups available, but they will cost money, to encourage you to bring your own. There will also be hand made ceramic wine cups available to purchase as well.) There will be awards handed out for various works, and a lot of art to see by my fellow students. I will be there, and as usual I will hire the same actress to play the part of my wife.


Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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