Art School: Semester 6, Week 2

Hello everyone! This post was partly written earlier in the week — before the onset of homework, particularly from Cultural Theory — so I am going to wrap it up and publish it quickly and get to the things I really have to do this weekend. I suspect it’s going to be a long semester.

Advanced Ceramics

The first meeting of this class went well, though the first project is on the wheel. We’re throwing a series of five small bowls to use for glaze tests. We’re using a white, stoneware, cone 06 clay, probably so we can see the glaze colours well once the firing is done. I think I understand we’ll be firing them in a gas kiln, rather than an electric one, which changes the atmosphere in which the glazes form their colours. (Can you tell I have almost no knowledge of clay at this point? It’s true.)

Public Art

Class this week consisted of a lecture about the collective artist group General Idea, a group of three Canadian artists who made a big splash back in the 1960s and continued to work until 1994. They started out working in many directions, often creating (in my mind, anyway) kind of deliberately silly stuff, along with some parody, but towards the end the AIDS crisis was a major theme. Two of the group members died of AIDS, so it was clearly something they were personally dealing with.

  1. A kinetic metal sculpture that would stand in a particular place outside the library.

Cultural Theory

Cultural theory was more amusing and interesting than I expected. The instructor lectured about our readings from last week — Ferdinand de Saussure and Roland Barthes — and then there was a discussion about the readings.

Other School Stuff

I went to an opening last night with artworks by two friends of mine from school, Atheana and Kelsey. Both are of Coast Sailish descent, and both are wonderful people and artists.

Other Non-School Stuff

It’s been all school all the time this past week, so no news here.

Harbour News

Last week I mentioned a ship that was going to arrive to be retrofitted, and the hotel ship that had been brought in to house the crew for two or three weeks while they worked on it. Well, the target ship has arrived:

And In Conclusion…

I have nothing else to add, sadly, and nothing humorous to share here. I need to get cracking on reading some extracts from Marx, and I am not looking forward to it. Maybe I can find some more avoidant behaviour to engage in. Cheers all!

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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