Art School: Semester 6, Week 3

Hello once again from the mind of the middle aged weirdo going back to art school for the fun of it. The third week of the semester is now completed, and things are moving along. Let’s review what happened, shall we?

Advanced Ceramics

Class this week included a lecture on various ceramic artists — mostly from the 1960’s — who were changing the way at least some people saw ceramic work. They were creating non-functional work, and playing with colour and convention. Artists mentioned included:

  1. Create a sculptural work in which the three pieces are attached to each other in some interesting way.

Public Art

This week there wasn’t too much happening in this class. We had a lecture about an art collective called Postcommodity, which is based in New Mexico. They make art that addresses a lot of things, but particularly seems to concentrate on indigenous issues and related areas, like borders. Then we talked more about the collective our class is forming to design the two art works that will go on the local train station, and we had the rest of the welding demo in the shop, covering TIG welding and plasma cutting.

Cultural Theory

Another lecture, more reading, and more writing. This time around the instructor lectured about Marx, and it seems I mostly understood what we read last week. We got back last week’s assignment (several questions and one answer, all based on the contents of the reading) and my mark was excellent.

Other Stuff

As with last week — and I suspect for all of the rest of this term — I have been swamped and done nothing but deal with school stuff. This particular combination of classes is challenging and keeps me very busy. So I have nothing else of interest to share overall, I’m afraid.

Harbour News

That said, I still ride the SeaBus to and from school, and so see what is going on out there in Vancouver Harbour. Early in the week, a large cruise ship left on a rainy day:

And In Conclusion…

If you read this far, thank you. Last week, only two of you reported typos, and there are a bunch that needed fixing! The first report arrived shortly after I published and only mentioned one, which I fixed immediately. Then nearly two full days went by with no more reports. I thought I was OK, but it was not to be. The second report arrived documenting several more to be fixed. *sigh*

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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