Art School: Semester 6, Week 5

Hello once again from the Rainy North. I love the rain, as it usually means I can get things done without feeling bad about avoiding being outside. And this week a lot has been done by way of school. Not much else, but I definitely have some photos to share this week.

Advanced Ceramics

If you’ve been following along, you know that there were two projects in progress:

  • a project based on several thrown bowl forms, pierced, cut, warped, and adhered together (or a set of nested forms, for those that really want to go the functional route)

Public Art

Good progress this week here. Last week, you may recall, I was waiting for the arrival of some magnets to test and see if they would work for my project. They arrived, and work, so I ordered 400 more which have already arrived as well. So I now have 500 magnets to use for this thing.

Cultural Theory

This class will be the death of me. Last week we read two pieces by Freud and one by Laura Mulvey. The former convinced me that Freud was a complete nut job who decided that all of his own issues must be very common, so he created ways to give them to everyone. Mulvey then used Freud’s language to discuss how women are represented in film. His work is awful. Her work is critical, but I really wish she hadn’t used Freud’s awful, non-scientific, unsupported gibberish as her scaffold for it.

Other Stuff

As always, if I had the time to do anything else of interest, I would tell you about it. I have a painting that is still about half done that got going just before classes started. I don’t expect to get back to it until the holiday break at this point, if then. Whee!

Harbour News

Thankfully for you harbour fans, though, I have a few pictures to share.

And In Conclusion…

Finally, I have a bit of humour to share this week, courtesy of my friend Karen, who shared it with me despite thinking I would already have read it. I had not, and I laughed out loud. If you know about the flamingo thing, you’ll understand why Karen sent it to me. Warning: language. Mostly about geese.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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