Week 13 is done. That’s most of the semester gone. There’s one class left — in ceramics — and one final exam in about 1.5 weeks and then the first semester will really be behind me. Honestly, I’m glad the semester is ending. A break is welcome, and I need time for reflection and preparation before the next set of classes begins.

Here’s the usual class rundown:


Our penultimate class saw us do exactly what we expected: turn in our sketch books, glaze our wheel thrown pieces, and load the kiln to fire them. I wasn’t thrilled with my glaze choices for working with the white clay we used on the wheel. They were all fairly transparent, in just a few colours. A couple are not food safe, and a couple run so badly that we have to be careful to avoid ruining kiln shelves with them. In the end I think my glazes will have to be called experimental, and possibly failures. Oh well.

Next week we do some cleanup (literally cleaning the wheel room), critique, and share some food. That’s it.

Art History

We had our final lecture — on death, immortality, and art — and then did some review for the final exam, which isn’t until Dec 13th.


Here we did our final critique of the class. Each student presented their last three paintings , all of which were a series of some sort. Here are mine:

Final Paintings… all on a theme

I’m not entirely happy with any of those, but they work, I guess. Still no real clue what I will get in the class, but it should be good enough.

That first painting is acrylic thinned way down with water, not medium. I’d intended it to be an under painting at first, but when I got to a certain point with it, I liked it too much to do that. The only “real” paint on it is the graffiti and the people on the sidewalk. The other two paintings are traditional acrylic.

Crit was interesting. Almost everyone who was asked indicated they planned on painting over their final paintings. I kind of feel that way as well. I do not consider myself a painter, and that’s sort of life.


Trick. There was no design class. It ended a while back. If you didn’t know that you haven’t been reading these posts in depth.


Our final drawing class did happen today, and we submitted our skeleton drawings. The actual assignment was to draw some or all of a skeleton (or multiple skeletons) as part of something else. There were different options for the “something else.” Things like a proposal for a sculpture in front of a Viking museum, or a dia de muertos celebration, or (what I chose) a sculpture proposal for the front of a film studio that specializes in horror films. I went to my D&D background and drew this:

A Lich King, or something

I can’t say I am really all that happy with it, but it got me full marks. There are a LOT of hours in that drawing, and far too much research, including the purchase of an app for my phone that lets you manipulate a skeleton in many ways, change the lighting, save it, and export the image for printing as well. Since most of us don’t have a model skeleton at home, it was kind of important for this drawing.

The rest of drawing class was mostly working with ink. We had a model, again, and tried to draw him with brush & ink. But it turns out that ink is a medium I don’t particularly like. Totally unforgiving, hard to use, hard to control, and (with no practice) impossible to produce interesting results. The entire batch of things I produced went straight into the recycle bin.

I also continue not to be a huge fan of life drawing. Partly because I honestly don’t find drawing people interesting. It’s not fun and there are already seven billion of us on the planet. Who needs a picture of someone — even a drawing — when there are way too many of us here to see in real life? But also because drawing most anything to produce an end result isn’t all that fulfilling for me (it’s similar to painting in that regard) and I have no plans on going into two dimensional art to earn a living, or if I do it will be some weird take on 2D, like making mosaic style things from cut stones, or, who knows. But I really don’t see myself trying to draw or paint for a living. Ever. Sketching to plan something else, or to get an idea across clearly, sure. But drawing for accuracy and/or art? Not so much. At least not with any of the stuff I’ve done to this point in my life.

That’s the class summary. Next week I’ll discuss the coming semester, I suspect.

The rest of life wasn’t greatly noteworthy this week, at least not for me. (Apparently Michael Flynn had a bad week, though. So there’s that.)

Finishing the painting series and that drawing took a ton of time. And we’ve got friends coming over this weekend for movie night, so that’ll be good. But it also means cleaning the house, so… yeah.

Grades will be available later in December, once final exams are done, so that’s a thing too.

I haven’t even managed to collect any particularly good links to share this week. Nor have I managed to take any dog pictures. But I will leave you with something else. Think of it as holiday decoration:

Gretchen gets credit for this one. She knows the story.

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