Art School, Week 14

This will be a short school update since week 14 consisted of exactly one class: Ceramics. And all we did there was clean the rooms we used, a final critique session, and share some food.

The things of mine that went through critique are:

Wheel Throwing Project Results

I can’t say I am particularly happy with any of those. They are at best mediocre in my mind. The glazes we were given to work with were all pretty transparent and didn’t work the way I wanted. (The dark green on the left piece is something of an exception, but it is, as you can see, very runny. I put it only on the lip of the upper portion of the piece, not quite a centimetre down the sides. I did apply a thick layer there — I dipped the top of the piece in the glaze — but it really ran. The shapes aren’t stellar, but I did manage to thrown pots of some sort, and learn enough to know I can get better with extended practice. So… meh on results, but OK for learning.

Collectively I titled them Payload. That goes with the previous two pieces, which were titled: E. M. and J. B. Early Efforts. Thus far exactly two people have figured out that title on their own. Maybe Payload is a useful hint? And here’s a reminder of all the ceramics pieces I did:

All My Ceramics Class Projects

Again, nothing hugely wonderful there, but a lot of learning going on. All in all I think I really liked slab building a lot, and there are obvious ways (to me) that I want to take that if I can figure out a way to continue doing it. I have some interesting mixed media work in mind — clay, stone, and metal — that would largely depend on slab building to make it work. Sadly, my access to a kiln and time to accomplish any of that is just about nil for a long time, so who knows if it will ever come to pass.

In other school news, I’ve signed up for classes for next semester and I previously promised to mention them. They are:

  • Visual Culture II — the second half of the Art History series I’ve opted for
  • Printmaking
  • Media — I think this is a class in various computer programs for doing art related things, probably Photoshop, InDesign, and perhaps others. I may even have heard a rumour the class did some sound editing, but I am not sure of that. It will be all Mac work, I am sure.
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing II

Those four studio classes are the rest of the required first year studios, and getting them all done will allow me access to the second year studios. Those are more open, rather than being a required set. You get to select four each from two different groups of studios, and those will eventually complete all the required studio classes. There are some other requirements, though: an English class, a Professional Practice course, an Art History elective, and a course on Contemporary Cultural Theory and the Arts. To those add a couple of electives that might not count towards the diploma but that I want to take, and I’ve got two more full semesters and probably two full summers to get it all done. Perhaps longer.

Next week I have the final exam in my current Art History class (Visual Culture I) and then the semester really is over.

There isn’t a lot of other news. With classes having wound down, life gets simpler and a bit less directed, which is a bit of a relief after the last three months.

We went into town the other day to do some shopping, and stopped to take this picture on the way back:

Vancouver Skyline, From Just South and West of Granville Island

As you can see, it was a beautiful evening.

The holidays will be upon us all too soon — I can’t claim to be a huge fan, sorry — and we’ve got responsibilities. And then classes start up again right after New Year’s Day. Literally. Jan 2, 2018 is the first day of class. So the next three weeks won’t really feel all that long.

I’ve got only one link to share this week, and it’s to something I wrote here on Medium that was not related to art school:

I have no other links to share, sadly. I’ve read a lot, but it was mostly depressing political stuff, and I see no reason to pass it on. Either you already know, or you don’t want to.

And I apologize to Nicki because I have’t got any new pictures of dogs here for her either. Maybe next week. Currently they are all downstairs watching Anne make dog biscuits from scratch, or as we call it, “the food show.”

That’s it, I think, for this update. My best to all. Keep in touch.




Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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