Art School, Week 6: Ceramics

The past week saw a lot of stuff going on in several classes, and there may be some images, so I am breaking things up into posts about each class this time around, just to keep things smaller. Skip whatever is uninteresting.

First off, Ceramics:

Last week I created a second slab built project (from an assignment called “Neo-Geo”, as previously mentioned.) Sadly I don’t have photos of that new build yet, but it’s a version of the previous “rocket to Mars” thing, but this time in a square cross section (as opposed to the triangular one), so it’s a bit larger overall, but not really taller.

As I write this, it’s drying a bit, and this weekend — perhaps tomorrow morning — I will go into school again and cover much of it with white slip. With this project we have multiple glaze choices, and I plan on a turquoise glaze that looks better over white slip than over the terracotta red clay. At least in large measure that is my plan.

The reason for going in over the weekend is that I know we’re doing the critique session on our coil built pots on Tuesday morning, and that will take much of the session, leaving not that much time to do any real work. Thus, I am trying to get ahead of the curve.

And speaking of my coil built pot, it’s been both bisque and glaze fired, and here is a quick peek at the final results:

As you can see, some of the terracotta shows through the white. That — along with several other things — are not what I had originally anticipated for this piece, but then again this is the first thing I have actually fired in a very — very! — long time. (Since grade school, I think.)

I haven’t brought the work home yet. Those photos were taken just after I helped unload the kiln, in fact. I’ll try to get better photos once I get the work home.

Overall I am reasonably happy with it. Things changed from the original plan, but it’s a fine result for my first cut at this. And I have learned a few things that I will work at with the Neo-Geo assignment, though I don’t swear I will be able to improve everything. Hand built is still hand built.

The next post should be about Art History, but there was no class this week, and I’ve already mentioned my paper was submitted, so instead it will be about painting.

Originally published at on November 6, 2017.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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