Art School, Week 6: Drawing

Drawing class… drawing class… It’s been a while since I included any photos from that class. OK. I guess I can fix that now.

Weeks ago we did some work with drawings where we were deliberately flattening them out, to avoid showing depth. Here are those. (I think I shared one of these before but it got redrawn, so there are two versions of it now.)

Those were based on this still life:

Then we did some contour drawings, blind and non-blind. I have this plant that I worked from:

And from it I produced these:

A blind contour (above) and multiple contour drawings (below).

The assignment after that was the ginger root cross contour diptych.

Properly arranged — which seems to be hard to do in this software — and with better color adjustment, and with better photographic alignment, and those would line up left to right. But I don’t like them. I failed to show the depth and curve in various areas. Oh well. I knew it before I turned it in, so lesson learned.

For the most recent assignment, though, it turns out I really need to work on my literalism. Sigh.

Most recently we were create a radially symmetric drawing of kitchen utensils in chalk or white pastel on black paper. I did that, and produced something so rigid and tight that it’s actually boring. And thus I get my first non-perfect grade in drawing class… 17/20. Here’s the drawing and the source material:

Boring, eh? Yup. I could have done anything… but my weird brain locked in on the word “symmetric” and I did that, to the exclusion of anything else. Ugh. Today we were doing more playing with negative space in class. Here’s one I did there:

And here is the implement of torture that we sit on in drawing class:

That thing is called a drawing horse, or pony, and appears to date from about the time of the inquisition. Feh. I can imagine much better without much trouble at all. Maybe I’ll have to work on that in design class.

Anyway, this week we’re doing a triptych of a still life, again playing with negative space in various ways. Maybe I’ll have pictures of that next in next week’s update.

Originally published at on November 6, 2017.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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