Art School, Week 6: Everything Not School Related

The previous four posts have updated everyone about school, and the post before that about the hail storm. You’d think I was out of things to write about at this point, and you’d be close. But I have friends who ask for other updates from time to time, so this is for them. Specifically for Giselle, in this case. Hi Giselle!

The dogs are doing OK up here. We’re down to 11 hours of daylight, Anne said this morning, so the morning walk is in the dark, and the evening walk is in the dark too. Rain is happening, and temperatures are dropping, and those will impact dog walks more than simple daylight, or the absence thereof.

Skookie is showing her age a bit, but she’s still top dog and keeps it that way. Cruzer is still dumb as a post, and can be a bit stiff after waking up, but he’s otherwise happy and healthy. Tinkerbell is going through her awful teenage years, alas. We’re working on some new behavior issues that go with that and the second fear period. She’s huge, of course, and that makes everything more interesting. Most amusingly, there is one place along the dyke where she will only walk on one side of a concrete bridge/thing. The other side has some metal plates in it that rattled at some point, and now those are entirely evil, and she has to stay away from them. For a day or two she wouldn’t go over it at all. Dogs are weird.

Vancouver continues to be a nice place to live. Well, technically, we’re in Richmond, but it’s nice too. Mass transit works well for us, and the cars generally get driven just far enough to warm them up once or twice a week. Almost no miles at all, really.

We’re pretty boring, though, as we were in California. Anne works. I go to school and do homework. Every once in a while we see friends in the area — which, amazingly, we have some of already — but then we go back to being boring. Every other week or so I mow the yard, weather permitting. And the other overhead of life is what it is, of course.

Most of you reading this are probably much better explorers of new cities and experiences. We’re homebodies, and we tend to like it that way. What that means is when you come visit you’ll have to show us the interesting places because we probably don’t know about them.

Not much else to report, I think. If you want more, you’ll have to email and ask for it, but be prepared to trade an update on your own life for it.

Originally published at on November 6, 2017.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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