Hello everyone. It’s now been a week since my last post, and as you may recall school is over. But the fun never ends here, as we’ve now moved.

That took about three weeks, culminating in renting a truck to move the stuff that didn’t fit in the car shaped object. So now we live in North Vancouver, and not Richmond. As far as I can tell, weatherwise, North Van (as it is called) is a bit cooler, a bit cloudier, and a bit rainier than Richmond. It’s snuggled up against the North Shore Mountains, so I suspect it’s nominally on the wet side of whatever rain shadow those mountains cast.

We’re on a quiet street in a suburban area, near a little downtown. I’ll be getting to school (when it starts again in 3 weeks, I think) by bus, sea bus, and train. The commute will be a bit longer than it was from Richmond, but not too bad. Some of it will be counter commute as well, particularly on the train, so that’s nice.

In any case, that’s most of what has taken up the time this past week. And it will continue to take time for some time. Unpacking is always a challenge, and we’re down a lot of square footage from the last place, and from the old home in California, so it’s even worse.

Amusingly, the sales rep from the internet provider we use just called (while I was writing this) to check on our status after the move and make sure everything was working. That’s a call on Saturday afternoon to see if we’re OK. Pretty good service, I’d say. Any Canadian readers who are frustrated with their Internet provider can lookup TekSavvy, which is the company we use. I have no complaints so far after most of a year.

More news in a week or two, as the settling in happens.

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