How on earth has it been fourteen weeks since school ended? And — more importantly — how have I been so unproductive?

I can’t even claim distraction. My wife away on a trip for much of the last two weeks, so it was just me and the dogs. I barely left the house. And yet, here I am with nothing to show for the time. I suspect many (most?) of us go through this sort of thing, but it still rankles a bit. Those that know me often say I am far too energetic, always busy, and even a bit overpowering as a result of all my activity and curiosity. And yet, in the last week I have: trimmed a tree, mowed the yard, ordered a book, gone to the grocery store, and picked my wife up from the SeaBus terminal. Beyond that tiny list I cannot tell you where the week went. Honestly.

I have only one other thing to share. It’s a photo I took in my neighbour’s front yard yesterday afternoon:

They must have eight or ten large Hydrangea bushes, all this particular blue. They are strikingly coloured, and I marvel at them every time I walk by. I know many of the locals differ, but I really appreciate the rain and cooler temperatures here in Vancouver. Without them, sights like this one would not be possible.

Anyway, that really is everything this week. Maybe I will have more to share next time around, but I think I had better avoid promises given past performance.

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