Greetings once again from the Great Rainy North. No snow here yet, though we did have a minor threat of some for a bit. Instead we’ve have rain most every day for the past two or three weeks, I think. Occasional breaks between storms, but then the next one rolls on in and we’re back to rain on the roof.

Some of you might note this post is a couple of days late. I wish I had a good excuse, but I don’t. It turns out that between semesters there is this thing that happens. First, I get to work on the pile of things that have to get done and that I’ve put off for the past three months. Once that is handled, I slow down, and less and less starts to happen. I have yet to find a set of things here that will drive me in particular ways (and set a regular schedule) when school isn’t in the picture, so I drift. And in drifting, I missed posting this on time. Sorry.

But that’s really OK this time since there isn’t much to share. Here’s the most exciting thing from the past week:

That’s a new MDF top on my tool box in the basement. Now I have a place I can carve wood and do other things standing up. The folding tables (the corner of one on the very left) are just the wrong height for carving. Too low if standing, and awkward in some cases if sitting. And I cannot attach my portable vise to them as their tops are too thin. Oh, and they’re weak, wanting to bounce and move too much if you’re doing anything even slightly vigorous.

So I spent a few hours to put a top on my toolbox. It’s not perfect, but given my limited tool selection and working areas, it’ll do for a while. I suspect I’ll put a piece of plywood down on it someday when I can once again haul a 4x8 sheet around conveniently. In any case, it’s a place to work now (and in the coming semesters) that I didn’t have before.

There really hasn’t been anything else going on. Boring, I know. Sorry, but that’s my life.

Next week is the usual pile of holidays at the end of the year, and we’re having a number of visitors that will be great for wearing out the dogs. And if I am really smart I will get started on the annual file rotation binge that is needed as part of tax preparation. That’ll be exciting, I’m sure.

Also, I really should spend time with Rhino CAD and start to figure it out. That’s on the to-do list as well.


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Sorry. I’ve got nothing this week. I’ve been a bum.

And In Conclusion…

This seems entirely too relevant given I am in art school.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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