Happy holidays, everyone, and welcome to the shortest post of the year so far.

Because of the holidays, there hasn’t been a lot of stuff happening that I can share here, as you might imagine. The week has gone by in the usual, holiday induced haze, and I sit here on Friday afternoon trying to remember what I’ve done that has been even remotely interesting, and that it is reasonable to include here.

I took another long walk over the Lion’s Gate Bridge. That was nice, but not big news. I did take this photo, though, from the seawall just under the south end of the bridge, in Stanley Park.

In other news, we continue to research places to live when school is over. Each time we come up with something new to evaluate potential areas, I hope the new factor will allow us to eliminate some of them, to reduce the research we have yet to do. As it happens, we actually managed that this week. A couple of the places we were considering have limits on the number of dogs you’re allowed to have. We have three dogs, as you will recall, so we can remove places with a limit of two from the list, and that actually helps.

Of course, then we turned around and expanded the search area to the east and added at least one more town into the mix. So, really, while there has been some progress, we’re not anywhere near the end of the research. To be honest, we won’t be until sometime in May or June, with a large gap while school is in session.

I have the full draft of a new novel to read for a friend I have mentioned here before, and there are other gatherings to attend and host as the year comes to an end. Also, I need to get ready for tax time before classes start, since I will have zero time to take care of it while in school. Those things will keep me busy in the coming week, but also low on things to share. As a result I suspect next week’s post will be similarly short and low on photos. I apologize in advance for that, but it is probably inevitable.

Regardless, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas or whatever you celebrate, and that the coming year comes with health, wealth, and happiness for all!

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