Break Week 3 — it’s over

The break is essentially over, as the title says. Summer school starts on Monday, and I am looking forward to it, at least the design class. The English class will be a thing, but the design class should be very interesting.

Most of the week was spent continuing to settle into the new house, which meant unpacking and running errands to get things we need in the new place. As a result, I’ve got a few things to share.

First off, this photo was taken last night:

That really is six people paddling a first nations canoe through Vancouver harbor, passing a huge container ship, with a SeaBus behind that. We were out for dinner and happened to see this. I have no idea what the event was that brought these folks into the harbour, and our server said she’d never seen such a thing either. I suspect it’s not all that common. Sorry it’s a bit blurry, but all I had was my phone, and that is zoomed all the way out and then cropped down, so there aren’t a lot of pixels to work with. Still, it was impressive.

Here are a couple more pictures from my new commute:

Honestly, I don’t see how this commute is going to get old.

Here’s another find from one of the walks to the bus stop:

That thing is huge, and there were several in that yard. I have no idea what kind it is, but I suspect eating it would be a bad idea. Years ago we had some psychedelic mushrooms growing on our property in California. They were similarly shaped and sized, but very differently coloured. Quite impressive, honestly. This strikes me the same way: “Do not eat!”

And in my running around — sometimes by transit, sometimes by car — I’ve come to the conclusion that driving is stressful. Seriously stressful. I know it takes longer to get to places on transit, but unless something weird happens I arrive so much more refreshed and happier. Driving is work, and it removing much of it from my daily activities is a big win. I am, of course, still a type A personality, and I have plenty of other stress in my life (much of it self induced), but it’s nice to avoid driving. That is not something I anticipated would be the case when we moved into a city. There are aspects of rural living that I miss: the quiet, a really dark sky at night, and more open space. But like everything in life there are trade offs, and less driving is definitely on the positive side.

Another thing I did this week was get new tags for the dogs. The canine contingent must be legal in our city of residence, after all. I looked at the online system and it indicated they were going to need proof the were all neutered, so I decided to stop by the shelter and get the tags in person rather than scan in the various things required.

Imagine my surprise to learn the shelter has no dogs in it. None. They currently have five rabbits and one cat up for adoption. That’s it. While I was there someone came in to inquire about adopting a dog. He was given a sheet listing a bunch of rescue organizations to talk to. Apparently shelter dogs are pretty rare. If I understood the postings correctly, they’d adopted out only two dogs in the last 29 months. That’s all they’d had. There were a few more cats & rabbits on the adoption list, but the numbers will still tiny. Not even two dozen animals a year in total, if I remember correctly.

An empty shelter. Empty! Think about that. Visiting a shelter in the US is always an exercise in heartbreak. I want to take them all home.

Whatever is going on up here, that’s a real difference from the US, and a good one. I paid my dog license fees pretty happily, knowing that any dogs coming in would find new, forever homes. Absolutely amazing.

That’s a wrap for this week. Next week I’ll be back to the class summary format, I think. And I’ll be settling into the new rhythm of the of the Summer session.

In the meantime, cheers!


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Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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