Greetings everyone. I hope no one is expecting a mountain of interesting stuff this week, because if you are, I am going to disappoint. Sorry.

What has been happening? Well, since the last post:

  • The grad show has come down. All my art has been brought home, and I am trying to figure out where it goes. Most of it is currently in the garage, and Leo is disassembled until I figure out where he’s going to reside.
  • I am working on new shelves in the downstairs to create a better studio to work in over the summer.
  • I have wasted a lot of time on the internet and sleeping. (And yes, I do think of sleep as a giant waste of time. This is a long running argument with my wife who thinks sleep is wonderful. I fully recognize its necessity, but I hate the time it takes out of my life.)

That’s about the size of it.

I guess I should also mention that I cannot compete in the BMO competition this year. They only want people graduating in 2019, and I will not graduate until 2020. The department chair says they will nominate me next year, but I will make them re-evaluate at the time and see if there aren’t more worthy candidates who deserve it.

Going forward this summer I will be spending some sporadic days on campus working on the plastic recycling project with my design instructor. And I hope to make art myself at home, once the studio is made to look less like a tornado just went through it. Here’s a shot of it before I started cleaning:

That photo makes it look really bright. I have a new phone and the camera is more than a bit different from the previous one. It will take some getting used to. And it’s not that bright!

Anyway, it’s a train wreck down there for lack of shelving. There is some — that you can’t see in the photo — but it’s completely full already. So I am working on making more so I can get the tables out of the way and make the workbench more accessible. Here’s what it looks like after “cleaning” (which mostly means shoving things out of the way so there is a place to put the shelving I am planning:

The new shelves will go against the wall behind the toolbox/workbench, and extend out into the room as well in an L shape. They are in process now, but I have no photos to share yet. Next week, I hope.

In other news:

I continue to wonder about Vancouver harbour. This past week two cruise ships (owned by the same company) collided. One was docked at Canada Place, the other was docking next to it. There were no injuries, and all affected passengers were re-accommodated, but really? At the rate things go wrong out there I am starting to think that running tankers full of anything toxic though there is a bad idea. I’m not even sure I should be on the SeaBus regularly. I might not make it across.

I had an article lined up on the difference between art and design, but the website hosting it is very broken at the moment. Maybe they will get it fixed for next week.

In the past I have mentioned that Langara College does a good job of working with the local First Nations in supportive ways. They take this seriously, and last month they took another step along that path. It’s branding, I know, but this kind of thing matters over time:

I guess that’s all the interesting news this time around. But I have missed the usual ending of these posts, so…

And In Conclusion

This seems a fine ending to this post, given this past week included May 4:

Hope you had a happy Star Wars Day!

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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