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  • Sue Toorans

    Sue Toorans

  • amy pankratz

    amy pankratz

  • John Bragg

    John Bragg

    Co-founder of Avenue. Wears “I ♥ Web Standards” shirts.

  • David Pablo Cohn

    David Pablo Cohn

    I write stories that explore how our lives intersect with those of others and with the world around us. For more, follow me at http://davidpablocohn.com

  • Karin Barend-McCreight

    Karin Barend-McCreight

    www.sleeplessgirl.com/dream * RooHappy

  • Ann Tavsanli

    Ann Tavsanli

  • Vanessa Clark

    Vanessa Clark

  • Doug Lawson

    Doug Lawson

    Writer of “Bigfoots In Paradise”. “Lawson’s taut, graphic prose sparkles....Insightful, stimulating, and unforgettable tales." -Kirkus Reviews

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