Hehehe! Involuntary Ikea internship. Nice!

Thanks for the thoughts on Tink. She just went out and barked at the back neighbour and tried to jump up on the fence to get pets. She’s still herself, and the neighbour was happy about being barked!

Yes, Anne and I are at risk for the fungus as well. We’ve both been tested, and I am negative. Anne’s test results aren’t back yet (which is why I was dodging this issue in the original post, but leave it to my friend the science writer to ask the right thing!) but given that I am clear and she got her cole (or flu) after I did, and she is recovering too, the chances are very (VERY!) high that she is clean as well. Her blood for the test was drawn at a different lab, and who knows where it was sent compared with mine, so we’re still waiting on the official “all clear.”

Incubation times on this bug are crazy. In humans it’s listed as (something like) 8 weeks to 13 months. In dogs they give a similarly wide range but add the disclaimer that it’s basically useless because you can never tell when they picked it up. Given what we’ve read, the best bet is that Tink got it up here — there is a cluster of cases out on Vancouver Island — but honestly, we will probably never know where and how she got it.

Again, thanks for the warm wishes!

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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