It’s Been A Hard Week

Where to start? I suppose by addressing the elephant in the room. Or rather, the dog not in the room.

Last week I mentioned Skookie was declining rapidly. She had seizures that prednisone was helping, but we knew it was not a cure. It turns out that Friday and Saturday were the good days. The seizures came back on Sunday and even got worse. Monday arrived and the decision had to be made. With great regret, we let Skookie go.

I published a bunch of photos of her in a post here on Medium. A few of you found it because you have subscribed (or followed me, or whatever they call it). For the rest of you, I’ll include a link if you’d like to see it:

As you can imagine, there is a Skookie shaped hole in my life. On Tuesday morning I almost lost it. The sound of toast being buttered was her cue to come get her share. She didn’t miss it until Monday when I had to bring it to her. She still appreciated it, but she was no longer willing to get up for it. It’s been a rough week. I’ll leave it at that.

Things have been crazy in other ways since then, and that’s been both good and bad. Good because it helps me move on, bad because it’s been really busy.

First, if things go as expected the new windows for the house will be delivered next week. I have all the storage space I can readily create available. We’ll see if it’s enough. The only change so far is that the screen for the new sliding door going in upstairs has been delayed until early June. Everything else seems to be on track. I had to pay for the rest of the windows so delivery will happen quickly after they arrive at our supplier’s offices.

Another big excitement is that in two weeks I am probably getting my gallbladder removed. I don’t talk about health stuff all that much in here — why would you want to hear about most of it? — but a lot of this week has been dealing with unexpected events related to that. A consultation with a surgeon, unexpected lab work, and so on. There is supposed to be one more consultation (thanks to my spherocytosis) before this happens, but that has yet to be scheduled. Why is this only “probably” happening? This second consultation needs to occur, and I have no idea exactly why I was scheduled so quickly. I’m told gallbladders can go bad and you really don’t want to have that happen. Multiple doctors have told me to head to the ER if it gets worse before the surgery.

If you’re curious why I am getting my gallbladder removed, it’s because I have a 3.5 cm long gallstone. The surgeon told me removal is recommended after they exceed 2 cm thanks to an increased cancer risk. And yes, there has been significant pain and discomfort at times. It took a long time, but I have finally come to associate those problems with this issue, so it needs to go. It’s a laparoscopic procedure and I should be home that night. You probably didn’t want to know all that. I apologize.

Tuesday night saw the community association’s Annual General Meeting. I took notes and had to get those and other supporting documents posted on the website on Wednesday morning. That was a bit of a scramble on top of everything else.

Finally, Anne had a new project dropped on her unexpectedly this week. Of course it’s one of those that comes with no explanation, no one she can ask about it (because the last guy who worked on it left), and a really tight time frame (because they tried to hire someone to do the work and failed). She’s scrambling to deal with that, and will be hip deep in it for some time.

To top it all off, at 2:45 this morning it began hailing here in North Vancouver, and it kept hailing for about 30 minutes. At 7:30 there were still patches of hail on the ground looking like snow despite temperatures well above freezing.

It’s been a really weird week,. Yesterday Anne reminded me of an old saying:

Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.

A quick search tells me the earliest appearance of that quote was in 1919 in the story “The Girl in the Golden Atom” by Ray Cummings. It was not written or spoken by Mark Twain or Albert Einstein.

And after this week I can assure you that Ray Cummings was completely wrong.

Take care out there. Keep safe, and give your loved ones all the attention you can, regardless of species.



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