Let there be (new) light(s)

There are two important things to address this week, and then the minor stuff that usually makes up these posts.

The California Fires

It seems that the major fire that is a threat to my old neighbourhood has stopped growing. There was a chance of a second dry-lightning storm, but that appears to have either fizzled out or done nothing in terms of additional fire starts. The key point, though, is that the fire seems to be remaining within its perimeter rather than expanding. Evacuations are being lifted for some of the areas around it and people are going home. Well, maybe. The official page says there was one fatality, 799 structures were destroyed, and another 63 damaged. And the fire is not out yet. Those numbers will rise as assessment crews get into more of the burn area. So some people are going home. Others — in particular those closer to the fire itself — aren’t yet able to do so.

An Anonymous Gift

Yesterday we received a lovely Harry & David fruit basket from someone, but the sender remains a mystery. The message said “Happy New Home!!!” but there was no name given. If you sent us this package, thank you! But please let us know who you are so we can thank you more personally. This is far too informal!

Roof Update

This was supposed to be done a week ago. And in fact the roofer was here last Saturday to finish it up, but the boss gave him the wrong parts and the supply places aren’t open on weekends, so he did what he could and left. He returned on Monday morning to wrap it up, though, and as a result the job really is done now.

Adventures In Homeownering

A note to my typo hunters: I think “homeownering” is a fine word. You need not report it.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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