Like Watching A Train Wreck In Slow Motion

Our move, of course. What did you think I was referring to?

Actually it’s not that bad. I am beat up, covered in bruises, cuts, and scrapes, but most of the stuff is moved, and some of the cleaning at the old place is done as well. All in all, it could have gone a lot worse. (Knock on wood.)

Note: because we’re still mid move, I expect this post is more full of typos than normal. Sorry! I have not yet assembled my main computer and office, so everything is a mess. Please report typos as usual and I will fix them as I can. The score sheet won’t get updated for a day or three, I think. Again, sorry!

The big delay so far was getting the internet connection established. The way that went was astounding. We use a service reseller ISP up here. As a rule they have great customer service and are very responsive, unlike what I hear about the big cable internet providers. Here’s the timeline:

  • About two weeks ago: call provider, order service to be connected on the day we get the keys. They ship a new cable modem to us. Install window is 12–4 on the day. No problem. We get the keys at 10 am. Should be fine.
  • Two days later: phone call from someone (not sure who, probably the actual cable company, not my ISP) confirming install time. But I was distracted as they called exactly when I was expecting another call, and I wasn’t paying full attention. I thought they confirmed 12–4 on the day and let it go.
  • About a week later: discover that the cable modem is stuck in the local delivery terminal for no obvious reason. Call the carrier and after an hour on hold they tell me it will arrive soon. There are Covid related delays.
  • Two days later: check the tracking again and discover the modem is on a truck going back to Ontario, where it originally shipped from. Really. Call the carrier again — and wait on hold again — to ask what they can do. Answer: nothing. They will flag it and get it back to me ASAP. Call the service provider and have them send another cable modem to me via UPS overnight, as we’re now just a couple of days from getting the keys to the house and we have an install date to make.
  • Day before we get the keys: modem shipped via UPS arrives. Yay!
  • D-Day: get the keys at 10 am, start the move in process, wait for cable install. Not happening. No cable guy shows up. Eventually — at about 5 pm — give up, go back to the old house and call the service provider. Get a friendly and good technician there who tells me (a) the cable company assigned a different install window (8–10 am) which we missed, and (b) the rep who sent me the replacement modem didn’t tell the cable company that had to happen as well. (It seems they know exactly which modem is installed and only talk to that particular device. If you plug in a different modem, it will not work. Security feature, it seems.) So we request a new install for a few days out and tell the cable company about the new modem. Fine.
  • Start moving for real without internet at the new place. For some reason cellular service at the new house is iffy, and as a result we have very limited connectivity without internet. But we make due. We spend several days ferrying stuff to the new place.
  • In the middle of that, the first cable modem arrives. Now I have two.
  • Internet install day arrives. Cable guy shows up on time and opens up the box on the outside of the house. Turns out the previous owners didn’t use this cable company, and it was physically disconnected at least four years before, which is when they stopped doing physical disconnects at service shutdown. He has to trace the cable up to the wires on the pole and reconnect it to the system up there. When that is done we have good signal inside the house, at least.
  • Plug in the replacement modem and it just sits there and does nothing. Plug in the first one sent and it starts to work after about 20 minutes. There is magic in provisioning and firmware updates that take time.
  • Sigh of relief. We’re good. (Ha!)
  • Next morning: no internet. Dead.
  • Trek back to old house (where we still have internet and our VOIP phone) and call ISP. They tell me that the cable provider had updated the modem in use about two hours before I called, and that I needed to put the other modem in place. I’d tried that before heading out, but nothing had happened.
  • Trek back to the new house, swap to the new modem and wait two hours. Nothing changes. Still not working.
  • Trek back to the old house and call ISP again. They fully review everything and decide the cable provider has to resend the provisioning data to the new modem. Apparently something didn’t go right. I text that info to Anne.
  • About two hours later Anne notes the blinking light pattern has changed, so she reboots the modem and it comes up. Finally, we have internet again.

It’s been up and stable for a few days now, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Crazy stuff.

The move itself continues. Anne’s office is mostly put together and she is working from it daily now. The kitchen is also somewhat workable, though it will probably get rearranged many times in the coming months. The rest of the house, however, looks like this:

And that’s a relatively neat room!

It’s a box maze, but it is slowly improving. We’re painting the master bedroom and Anne’s office. There is trim work left in both places, but the bulk is done. The painting, though, slows down the actual settling in.

Here are photos of the canine contingent investigating their new back yard:

Those photos don’t really do it justice. It’s a jungle out there. Anne is thrilled. This is serious gardening, and she is loving that idea.

Finally, here’s a shot of the dogs at rest. It’s been a stressful few weeks, and they are happy to have all the stuff back and not have us moving around as much:

I hope to have more photos of the place as it comes together next week, but I don’t can’t yet be sure that will happen.

And it is very clear I have an infinite to-do list now. Many projects to do of various kinds, even after all the stuff is unpacked and put away. Some of those will be art related, but others are more practical, and many are basic home maintenance. At least I will not be bored!

I think that does it this week. I leave you with a musical piece played by a lovely cellist named Zoë Keating. This is the first post from her in some time, and I love hearing her stuff. Maybe you will too.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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