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Jeff Powell
3 min readMay 19


Greetings, gentle reader, and welcome to North Vancouver.

Taken nearly two weeks ago, looking northeast from the Vancouver SeaBus terminal.

I trust everyone is happy, healthy, and sane? No? Two out of three, perhaps?

We’re doing well. Mom is still here, and we’ve been boring her to tears. Last night we finally went out for the first time since she arrived. We got ice cream at the Earnest Ice Cream shop in North Vancouver. Imagine my surprise at about 8:20 on a Thursday night when we arrived to find a long line of people waiting to get in. But it’s been hot here, and we were not alone in wanting a treat.

So we were patient, the line moved quickly, and it was full of friendly dogs as well as their people. And the ice cream was delicious.

Earlier in the week (Monday through Wednesday) I spent back on campus, being trained on a program called Rhinoceros 3D, a 3D modelling / CAD program. As my tenure working in the Makerspace at Langara is of unknown duration, it seemed wise to get a bit of training on some of the software the students will be using. It will better allow me to aid the instructors at times.

Friday (today) is the usual mix of things that make up the overhead of life: bill paying, laundry, writing this post, and possibly meeting the new neighbours.

That’s right. We have new neighbours moving in next door. The previous folks — who were very nice — moved out for reasons that are not mine to share. The new owners are a couple with a daughter, and while I have not yet met them, Anne says they seem nice. At the moment a cleaning truck is in front of their place as someone preps things before they start moving in. I suspect there will be a chance to go say hello at some point very soon.

Oh, and I might get my car washed. Since we park outside, the cars get rather… ah… impressively dirty over the winter. Mine is growing lichen, I think, along with algae and being covered in sap that has dripped off the maple tree. It’s well past time to get it cleaned up.

So you see, we live a very exciting life, which we are subjecting my mother to.

But as Anne pointed out to us yesterday, our particular lifestyle choices served us well during the pandemic. I think Anne’s words supporting that premise were something like “I’m fine. Go away and leave me alone.” Ha!

It would be good, though, to do a few touristy things, and we might try some of that this weekend. There are a few things to see in North Vancouver, and after that we’ll probably have to cross the harbour. I know we want to visit Granville Island and the Vancouver Art Gallery, at least. And of course mom wants to take us out to some nice place to eat.

Thankfully I am not working next week, so I have some time to join my mother in these activities. Anne might come along, or not. She’s still working but she has vacation time. We’ll have to see.

My work situation will be unsettled until mid June, at least. At that point I hope things become clear and I can plan for the rest of the summer. Right now I have a few more workdays planned over the next month as we attempt to get the big laser cutter settled down and prepped for the fall term.

Also, I just reached out to the contractor we used for the windows. I need to get them to come back and fix some roof stuff (not their issue… old problems discussed here last winter) and paint the house. Sooner would be better on that, so fingers crossed there.

I think that is all the news at the moment.

Once again, I hope you are happy, healthy, and sane, or as many of those as you can manage these days. Cheers!



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