Recovery And A Visitor

Jeff Powell
2 min readMay 12


This will be a short one.

Last week I was sick and while that continues to be the case, I am getting better. The course of antibiotics just ended, and so long as I go easy on myself things continue to improve.

But going easy wasn’t possible last week. First I had a lot going on at work on Monday and Tuesday. I had to finish up a lot of computer and physical work before Wednesday because at that point things changed: my mom arrived.

I spent much of Wednesday cleaning and then went to get mom at the airport. She’s here for some time, and I am mostly not working while she is around.

But… next week I will be training on a 3D modelling program for three days. And by the time that is done I hope the disease is fully gone and I can be a normal human again, seeing the sites with my mom or just being lazy.

There is only one photo to share this week:

What is that? It was on the eave of our house, and I immediately thought “wasp nest” but some googling leads only to confusion. It might be a hornet nest, but it’s tiny. It doesn’t seem to be a paper wasp nest (those show a hexagonal structure) and it also doesn’t look like a mud dauber nest. So… hornet?

In any case, it’s gone now: sprayed and removed. It seemed to be unoccupied.

I’ve been stung a few times in my life, and I didn’t enjoy it. They — whatever they are — can all stay very far away from me.

That’s it for this week. I know… very boring. Sorry!



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