Short And Sweet

Jeff Powell
3 min readJan 13, 2023

Hi there!

It’s been a week, hasn’t it? My Californian friends are worried about mudslides, floods and related items. It’s a good problem to have, given the drought, but it’s still not fun to live through.

In Vancouver it’s been raining pretty much all week, but we’ve not had the heavy rain they’ve been getting hammered with down there. So we’re also cooped up in the house but not suffering as much.

And yes, the leak in our roof is still fine. It takes backed up water (or ice) to make that happen and that has not been an issue.

So what have I been doing? Painting. Specifically walls, in the main living area of the house.


The house interior was probably last painted in 1994 and a refresh is long overdue. I’d hoped to get this done much earlier (like over a year ago) but that didn’t happen for various reasons. Now I am making up for lost time. The window replacement project is done, so I can paint and not worry about that, which is great.

Our white is brighter (and slightly bluer) than the old white. And the maroon (or whatever you want to call the colour seen above) is very beat up and way too dark. It will take two full coats of primer around the fireplace to hide the old paint before I put a top coat on it.

That’s all of import that I have been doing this past week.

I had plans for more fiddling with AI, but never got around to it.

Oh, wait. There was one other thing. A dear friend sent me a copy of his masters thesis which is all about astrophotography. I read the whole thing, cover to cover, and loved it. I learned a lot and I now have a starting point if I ever want to get into that hobby. Of course we live in a place that is cloudy far more often than not, and we have light pollution and a yard full of trees, so owning a telescope is not high on the priority list at the moment. But maybe someday I will get one just to look at the planets we can see from the back yard when they are high in the sky. You never know.

Thank you for sharing your work, Ed. It’s great!

In closing, I have one other photo, taken a week ago:

That morning I got up to deal with the dog needing out. I dealt with that and came back upstairs to go back to bed, but it was almost time for the alarm to go off and I was already up, so I just got dressed and went on with the day. But it was still dark and I did not turn on any lights.

Hours later I happened to look down and noted my shoes.

I can’t figure out how I did that. Yes, it was dark, but those shoes feel very different, and yet I didn’t have a clue. And it was quite a while before I even looked at my own feet and discovered it.

Anne didn’t mention it either, though admittedly she’s even worse than me in the morning, and then she’s working all day. Her chances of noting my error were pretty limited.

Keep this in mind if you are tempted to complain about something as you go through your day: at least you’re (probably) wearing a pair of the same kind of shoes!

Early warning: the next post will be late. I am working all week, so it will probably come out on Saturday.

Thanks for reading, keep dry, and have a great weekend!



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