So… I included a list of all the initial short stories we’re reading in this post, and there were two more in this one. Both were in the sections on the English class. As that first link says, many of the stories come from The New Oxford Book of Canadian Short Stories, but not all of them. Some are being distributed by the instructor. The lists detail which is which, I think.

If that’s what you’re asking about, it’s covered. If you want to know about the textbook, its A Method For Writing Essays About Literature, Third Edition, by Paul Headrick. But I don’t recommend that.

The two extracts I referred to in the latest post are things the instructor found via Google Scholar. One is titled “Margaret Atwood’s Female Bodies” by Madeleine Davis, published in The Cambridge Companion to Margaret Atwood, 2006. The other is “Beyond the ‘Talking Cure’: The Practical Joke as Testimony for Intergenerational Trauma in Eden Robinson’s ‘Queen of the North’” by Vikki Visvis, published in Studies in Canadian Literature 29.2, 2004.

I’ll create a post with a full list at the end of the class, if you like, with all the details. Maybe even links to places these things can be found.

Does that cover it?

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