Still No Fallout

If you’re reading this, the nukes haven’t started falling. Yet.

I read that Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons came in a speech featuring Aeroflot flight attendants. Really? Yes. But regardless of where the speech was made, I think it amounts to terrorism on a global scale, and (assuming anyone is left alive when this is all over) he should be arrested and tried for that crime. Seems like a slam dunk to me. Throw him in prison and toss the key into the ocean, ideally into the depths of the Mariana Trench.

Sorry. I try to avoid politics, but recent weeks have driven me around the bend.

Anyway, on to other topics.

I finally put the repainted closet doors up in my office:

Yes, you see some drywall mud up there patching various holes and dings. Don’t get excited. Painting my office is still a long ways off.

There were several challenges getting those doors back up. The idiots who last worked on the house put the track at the top too close to the trim. That was rubbing paint off those doors and causing them to bind. To fix that I had to move the track back from the trim over 1/8", and move the brackets at the bottom a similar distance. Both bottom brackets were screwed into the floor and not into the door opening. I learned why when I discovered there is no wood at the bottom on the right side, so it must be screwed into the floor over there.

Other bifold doors in the house have similar issues with the track being too close to the trim, and I will have to move them around to avoid these problems. That means more work ahead of me, even as we wait on most things to get the windows done. That said, I am not sure I want to paint more doors right now because I will probably need my studio to store at least some of the windows when they arrive.

In tangentially related news, the new door for the garage has arrived, about three weeks early. I brought it home on Thursday morning:

New door and the one it will replace

The current one is an interior door. It provides very little in the way of insulation or security. Thankfully it is completely sheltered from the rain or it would be falling apart.

I’ve told the contractor the door has arrived. No clue when he will have time to work on our place, but he’s aware.

Here’s a completely unrelated weird project:

We have birds who think this part of our house needs to be hammered on. Smaller birds, thankfully. There are some big woodpeckers in the area that could do serious damage if they got interested in this, but so far I have not caught them at it.

What you see is my first attempt to keep the birds off the house. I had a bunch of old computer DVDs around that were never going to be used for anything, and a flock of zip ties as well. I chained them together and set a brick down on top of them to keep them from falling off in the wind. Moving, shiny things can disturb destructive avians.

We used old CDs in a similar way back in California in an attempt to scare birds off the grape vines. It sort of worked, at least for a while. In this case, I have more hope. They pretty much cover the entire area the birds are interested in, and may even make it difficult to get at the area at all. Maybe it’ll work. Fingers crossed.

In terms of art — assuming the DVD installation doesn’t qualify— I’ve been thinking about painting lately. I know, I know. I struggled in painting class and I was definitely not good at it, but some (possibly bad) ideas are flowing and I want to try some things. It will probably be a disaster, but why not give it a shot, assuming my studio remains open and accessible.

There is no other news that I can think of right now. Drop me a line and let me know what is up with you if you can!




Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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