Still Workin’

Jeff Powell
3 min readSep 4, 2021

Hey there everyone.

So… it’s been a long week, and trying to publish something this time is hard to do.

It’s all been about the job. Last week I showed you a photo of the base frame for the thing I am building.

As of Thursday night this week all I have to share are these two images:

On the left you see two hinge supports. My welding is terrible, I know. Such is life.

On the right you see the crazy setup I was using to weld together the cover that will keep the hinge pin stuck in the hinge support.

As I write this on Thursday night I hope to have photos of something else to share, and that I can publish this from school ASAP on Friday. But we’ll just have to see. If this is all you get, well… things are just moving slowly.

I wish I had more to share, but that is just not the case.

Friday evening addition: today I managed to get the construction to look like this:

What you see there is the original (white) frame on which students build their public art piece. It’s now held in a cradle that is mounted on the original base that you’ve seen before. It will rotate flat to be worked on, and stand up (as seen above) to display the work and let it be moved around.

What that contraption is replacing is this:

The white frame in the other two photos was mounted on this wooden frame, which has… ummmm… seen a lot of abuse. It also doesn’t let the frame get turned down to be worked on, so it requires students to carry steel up on a ladder to get it clamped and welded into place on the frame. It’s not exactly nice.

The new one will be a great improvement.

There is still plenty to do, and I will be back at it tomorrow.

And that really does wind this post up today.

Best wishes!



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