The Revenge of the Chronodon

Jeff Powell
3 min readFeb 10


Hi all.

I’m afraid I am going to disappoint you. I have no more tales of the Chronodon this week, except for the fact that all of last week disappeared on me. As if the Chronodon had a feast and my past was the main course.

What did I do? Mostly I worked on this wall:

That image reminds me of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, when the only things he’s left on the walls of the houses in Whoville are the “hooks and some wire.” What you see is a chunk of our art gallery without the art. I’ve left the nails in place because we like the layout on this wall and have no plans to change it. In fact I only took that photo in case I needed to recall where a couple of those nails/hooks go thanks to the drywall repair that was about to begin.

It’s hard to see but there is a vertical crack in the sheetrock below the beam on the left. I’ve finished patching that — and even got it primed - but what is holding me up is the corner off camera to the right. Inside corners are a challenge, and this one is twelve feet tall. The first day I put drywall mud on both sides, embedded the paper tape, and then used a four inch putty knife to get it all flat. It took four more days to get each side of the corner covered twice and feathered out reasonably far, since if I try to work both sides wet in any serious way I tend to mess up one side while working on the other. A fifth day let me feather out both sides a bit farther and clean up the worst of the ripples and other issues.

And of course drywall mud takes hours to dry (I’m not using quick set mud… that’s an even finer art that I am not experienced in) so each day involves an hour of work and many hours of waiting. It’s not very exciting.

At the moment, I am close to done with the problematic corner, but there are some nicks and bubbles that need touching up. My goal is to get all the current drywall patching completed and primed before the weekend ends. That will let me paint that wall and move on to still more drywall crack repair, this time on the ceiling. Whee!

If it wasn’t obvious, nothing I am doing of late is particularly photogenic. Sorry.

I will be spending half a day working on the Langara campus next week, so that’s good.

And nearly invisible progress on the living room will continue.

In the meantime I need to get out and walk the dogs — and myself — before the rain comes back (again), and do some laundry. I really know how to live, don’t I?

I hope you’re having a more productive (or at least interesting) time than I am!



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