Well, that was a week, wasn’t it?

I feel like I just wrote the previous post a day or two ago, but here it is, Friday morning, and I am staring at the composition screen trying to figure out what to write.

Last night we watched Roxanne again — a great Steve Martin movie — and I once again laughed out loud at this scene, which has been relevant for all of 2020:

It seems everything I had to share was overshadowed by the latest news: Trump has Covid. The implications boggle the mind, conspiracy theories are already flowing, and the craziness will only intensify.

And speaking of elections…

Canada has (I think) narrowly avoided a federal election for the time being, but in BC we are having a provincial election. For my US readers, Canadian elections are radically different and something of a wonder. I am not an expert in this topic, so I hope someone will correct me if I get anything wrong.

Federal and provincial elections happen at a maximum of (approximately) five year intervals if nothing else comes up. That said, something usually comes up. The list of possible election inducers includes the ruling party losing a no-confidence vote, and the ruling party calling a snap election for some reason. When such an event happens, things move very quickly. The BC snap election was called about two weeks ago, and the entire province has something like 35 days to get it done. The maximum time for a federal election campaign is currently 50 days, and election spending is highly limited by law, so the parties generally keep campaigns as short as possible to reduce costs. What a difference from the US where federal elections go on for years.

There are some who object to the current BC election. They accuse the Premier of playing politics and trying to cement a government for another five years, and further state that doing so during the pandemic is a bad idea. His counter is that he wants a clear mandate to continue the pandemic response. Both sides appear to have valid points, and I am not yet qualified to dissect either argument in depth.

Regardless, we get to observe the BC provincial election while the US election finally comes to a close after (literally) four years of campaigning, at least by the President. It’s a fascinating study in the differences between the two countries.

Turning to my usual subject matter, it seems not too much worth sharing happened this week.

The guest bedroom is fully primed, at least. It took three coats of primer to cover the two awful grey tones that room had been painted. The top coat — a nice off-white — will go on just as soon as I can get the paint.

Also, the water heater was replaced. That leaves only the garage door replacement to happen before we’re on our own for a while in terms of house projects. The garage door installation is scheduled for next week, and I should have photos in time for the next post.

Lastly, we had friends over for a short, outdoor, masked visit. They wanted to see the outside of the new house and present us with a housewarming gift. It was lovely to see them, and it only drove home how much I have missed personal interaction with others. Let’s hope we can get back to normal soon. Vaccine, please!

And this must be shared. Part of the housewarming gift was as perfect as you can get these days:

Thank you Robin and Heather!

In the category of amusing distractions, I noted this in the grocery store the other day:

I think it needs to go on the big list of products that need to be renamed!

Finally, here’s Tinkerbell keeping a sharp eye out for other dogs, cats, squirrels, postal carriers, dust motes, and anything else that might kill us all:

She loves that window. It and the door to the balcony are called “dog TV” here, and she is addicted.

Until next week, I wish you all the best. Keep safe!

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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