Today’s post comes in three parts:

  • Feeling old
  • Feeling spry
  • Feeling lucky

I got some happy news today, but it’s also the kind of news that makes me ponder my place in the world. A dear friend from high school — an ex girlfriend, in fact — just became a grandmother. In the middle of the Covid-19 madness, some normal things still happen: meals are eaten, babies are born, and life goes on.

That I am old enough to have grandchildren of my own in other circumstances is … special. Not that I am bothered by it. My own age is not something I consider much without prompting. In my mind I am still twenty-something, and the future is a hazy void rushing at me with breakneck speed. Turning around and looking back can be enlightening. I would not change where I am, or the path I took to get here, but nothing about the route from then to now is obvious or straightforward. I marvel at my good fortune.

Sarah, congratulations to you and your newly extended family. Thanks for sharing your joy this morning.

I took another hike in the local park yesterday. I chose a route that had me do more steep uphill climbing than previous walks, and in about two hours it was clear I’d chosen well. The exercise was welcome.

I stopped for only two photos:

They caught my eye as I walked along the tree covered paths, and the somewhat overcast sky made for good lighting.

I assume these forest denizens— the fungus and the flower — are not invasive species. Just normal things, leading their lives.

And the act of taking a walk is also a regular thing, helping me recall what life is supposed to be about. As we deal with so much disruption and uncertainty, the chance to clear my mind and burn off some restless energy is a welcome thing. It helps me get back to — or at least remember — normality.

There will be more walks in the coming weeks.

I hinted at it last time, and I won’t say too much more — the process is ongoing — but we’re buying a home. Things could still go sideways, but that isn’t very likely now.

How we went from “maybe we should look” to “this is the house” to “we’re nearly done except for the final closing” in only a couple of weeks I really can’t explain. Vancouver real estate is a strange beast. We went to one open home and at least 12 potential buyers saw the property that day. That was on April 22nd, I think, and there were multiple offers on it the next day. Thankfully we were interested in something else.

The place that caught our eye had been on the market for some time. Why it had not sold already I cannot say, but it is nearly perfect for us.

I will probably share a bit more in future posts, once the deal is finalized and the contingencies removed. Caution is always wise, but we are happy to be doing this right now.

Assuming it works out and we make this purchase, in a while we will be able to fully unpack for the first time in nearly three years. In some ways, we’ll be back to normal.

May you find equilibrium in these strange and difficult times. We will get back to normal at some point, but in the meantime keep an eye out for all the ordinary things going on around you. For me, at least, they help.

Sculptor/Artist. Former programmer. Former volunteer firefighter. Former fencer. Weirdest resume on the planet, I suspect.

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